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Why Bosnia and Herzegovina? Learn more about the country here!

BiH - just like nowhere else in the world!

Bosnia - residence permit and citizenship

- BiH is a candidate country for EU membership until 2027;

- Getting a residence permit is much easier than in any other country in the world;

- With our help, you can get citizenship under an accelerated procedure (through marriage)!

BiH is a direct candidate for the EU until 2027

Guaranteed EU membership

- BiH joins NATO;

- BiH is a long-standing candidate for EU accession, and the planned date of accession is 2027;

- BiH's relations with the EU are better than those of all countries in the region;

- The EU is investing enormous monies in BiH!

Unique conditions for business

Offshore in the heart of Europe

- Unique tax regime - no taxes on foreign payments;

- The most loyal compliance in Europe;

- Possibility of payments to any world jurisdictions, incl. the "red" zone;

- Support in banks!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity

Hurry up to invest in the future while it's easy and affordable!

Registration of companies, residences permit for business or emigration, citizenship


Why should you trust us in this?


We do not tell you (like numerous scammers and sellers of "Romanian passports") that you will get everything quickly and easily. Everything will be within the time frame established by law, and according to established procedures. But we are responsible for the result!

Contact us and see our competence, knowledge and experience!


We set realistic and achievable aims and go straight to them!



We have been in this business for over 10 years!

We divide each goal into tasks and systematically accomplish them!

At the moment, Bosnia is a little-known country with an underestimated potential, and most are unlikely to be able to answer the simple question "Where is Sarajevo located, and the capital of which state is it?" For most people who have heard the word "Sarajevo" before, it is associated with poverty and war, but this is not at all the case. There was a war here, in 1992-1995, during the conflict caused by the collapse of Yugoslavia, but now it is a completely peaceful, modern and, without exaggeration, European city. And the fact that there are very few people know about it, is an undeniable plus.

However, this state of affairs will not last long, also in 5-7 years Bosnia will inevitably join the European Union, like all the countries of this region - Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, etc. But for now, there is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the current state of affairs, the cheapness and ease of entry into this jurisdiction. And our many years of experience can help you with this.


We are happy to help you, and in addition to the quality of basic services, we guarantee you:


- detailed and free consultations that will help you not to make mistakes and not lose time and money;

- assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Bosnia, permanent residence in Bosnia, citizenship of Bosnia;

- meeting a large number of English speakers, whose help you may need;

- assistance in such matters as company registration in Bosnia, assistance and support in banks, accounting, and lawyers;

- saving your nerves, time and money;

- no prepayments and imposition of unnecessary services.


Is Bosnia offshore?

Why is it not on any list of offshore companies?

The answer is simple: Bosnia is not an official offshore zone but is a de facto offshore. Let's see why:


1. Foreign currency payments are tax-free.

What does it mean? This means that you can accept, for example, 1,000,000 EURO into your Bosnian company's account, and then send them to wherever you need. And the tax will be - 0%. Officially.


2. The easiest compliance.

What is its lightness? Well, for example, many players in the market know that a request from the financial monitoring of  bank is, in 99% of cases, an account blocking, as well as a huge list of required documentation. What's in Bosnia? Provide one invoice - and we work further!


3. "Scraping" the purpose of the payment.

Those who know what it is will certainly appreciate the fact that banks in the BH provide the opportunity to completely "break" the appointment. You just need to follow the simple rules of the game.


4. Payment "without purpose".

This is another key benefit of working with Bosnian banks. We indicate in the appointment "Payment according to invoice No. 1 dated 05/01/2021" and that's it! No one requires long and uncomfortable decryptions! Surely, those who are in the know will appreciate this advantage!


5. Official and unofficial private banker.

Well, the key advantage is the opportunity to agree! Flexible and sociable employees of financial institutions, ready to meet the client with complex issues (for example, assignments, or high-risk). Our company will be happy to help you open accounts in these institutions and start mutually beneficial cooperation!


If, after all these arguments, you are still not sure that Bosnia is a real offshore, then just give us a call! During the conversation, you can ask our specialists all your questions, as well as finally dispel any doubts!


We will be glad to see you among our clients!

Read more about registering companies in Bosnia - here!




In Bosnia and Herzegovina


As a rule, the most popular and demanded organizational and legal form in BiH is DOO (an analogue of the LLC)


Our services:


• Preparation of documents

• Judicial translation, apostille

• Filing and receiving

• Escort

Registration authority

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the registration of companies, as well as any changes, is carried out by the court. It is the court that considers the submitted package of documents and makes a decision on registration (or refusal, in case of errors or inaccurate information).


Registration deadlines, required documents and the cost of our services

Registration of companies in the form of a DOO usually takes 10 to 20 days, depending on the workload of the court. It is necessary to provide the court with a certified set of documents for registration, as well as a translation of the passport and diploma of the director, performed by a court translator, with an apostille and documents confirming the payment of the authorized capital (usually 1000 KM or 500 EURO). In In this case, when we provide you with company registration services, we assume the obligation of a guaranteed result. the case when we provide you with company registration services, we assume the obligation of a guaranteed result.






Bookkeeping plays a very significant role in BH.


Following the example of the EU countries, your accountant is your first tax inspector. It is the responsibility of the accountant to monitor the integrity of the organization.


Our services:


• Accounting

• Submission of reports

• Calculation of taxes and contributions

• Restoration of accounting



Accounting services include accounting by our accountant of your company (even if there is no activity, monthly accounting operations are required), preparation and submission of reports, calculation of taxes and assessment of contributions (in the case of employed individuals), as well as representation of your company in the tax service (if necessary).


Terms and cost

All accounting services are provided based on an agreement between our company and your company. And their price depends on the number and complexity of your operations.






In any jurisdiction, the office of a firm is of great importance.


Our company is ready to provide you with high-quality service in both virtual and real offices.


Our services:


• Provision of a legal address

• Provision of virtual office

• Post service

• Acceptance of possible checks


Virtual office:

A virtual office is a service that includes: a lease agreement from the owner of the premises, with proof of ownership, a sticker with the name of your company at the entrance to the premises (office), postal service (optional), confirmation of location during an on-site check.


Real office:

A real office is a furnished office in one of our friendly business centres, a sign at the entrance, information about your company at the reception, postal service, confirmation of location during an on-site check, as well as the opportunity for you and your employees to visit this office at any time and work there.






We work with leading EU and BiH banks.


Every entrepreneur knows how important it is to choose the right bank for comfortable work. Our company will help you with this!


Our services:


• Preparation of documents

• Translation of documents

• Accompanying an interpreter

• Opening of all types of accounts


Currency accounts for foreign economic settlements:

Opening a current account is a procedure comparable in difficulty to opening a company. Banks in BIH have a very low level of compliance and do not annoy customers with frequent AML requests, but at the same time, opening an account in such a bank is a real challenge. Our company has extensive experience in opening accounts in all banks of BiH and will be happy to help you. As a rule, the opening process lasts 2-3 weeks and requires about 4-5 visits to the bank and an impressive package of documents.

After opening an account, it is preferable to consult with our accountant before carrying out complex transactions.


Settlement accounts for paying taxes and settlements within the country:

Each company is required to have a current account in the home currency to pay taxes and conduct business within the country (at least - pay for accounting and office rent). We provide a full range of support services in opening both domestic currency accounts and foreign currency accounts for international settlements.






Our experience will allow you to realize your projects!


Complex financial challenges sometimes require sophisticated financial tools and solutions. And we are ready to provide you with the highest quality service!


Our services:


• Preparation of documents

• Coordination with banks

• Coordination of the opening of complex financial instruments


Payment systems, and merchant accounts:

Few banks in the BH work with complex financial instruments, but they do exist, and our company has strong relationships with them. Regardless of the complexity of your tasks, we can always offer the best solution. We will help you open a merchant account for your business, or connect your website to the payment gateway of one of the BIH banks, depending on what you need. Please contact us for advice in the "Contacts" section.


Letters of credit, and guarantees of international transactions:

Our experience, and the experience of our clients, shows that any reasonable financial tasks in the BiH are solved much easier than in the EU. If you need advice on financial instruments, please contact us at the phone numbers or instant messengers listed in the "Contacts" section.

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a special country. This is the place where the East meets the West, both in the cultural sense, in the sense of mentality, and even in the sense of business and finance.


Bosnia - offshore in the heart of Europe!


Few in Russia know this fact, but Bosnia and Herzegovina is a virtual offshore in the centre of Europe, thanks to its tax laws, which allow huge amounts to be transferred through foreign currency accounts with minimal taxes. In short, the amount of tax will be 10% of the difference between incoming and outgoing commercial payments (and officially 0% for foreign currency payments!), which can be easily adjusted at the request of the owner of the company. However, it will not work to avoid paying taxes at all - a minimum rate of 0.5-1.0% of turnover should be observed.


Bosnia is a country with an excellent investment climate!


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of the so-called "business black earth". This means that any business that starts or enters the country is growing rapidly, of course, with the right approach. Compared to Russia, America and Europe, the business has minimal restrictions and control by the authorities, and the structure of fiscal services corresponds to Russia in the early 2000s in terms of development. Which has a very beneficial effect on the free and rapid development of business.


Bosnia is the land of freedom!


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where freedom is felt in everything. For example, the fact that you can smoke freely in cafes and restaurants, or that a small and weak opposition party won the elections held in the summer of 2020. Such things are unthinkable in totalitarian countries (we will not give specific examples), but here it is a common thing, and perfectly demonstrates the level of democracy and freedom.

Residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina


"Invest-in-BiH" has been providing business services in Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years.


We help our clients in obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship, company registration, business purchase, etc., as well as help with relocation and integration in the country, as well as using Bosnian citizenship as a stepping stone to moving to the US or Europe. The Bosnian passport entitles you to visa-free entry to the EU, as well as simplified entry to the US and UK on a 10-year visa.


Below we will consider what types of residence permits can be obtained:


Residence permit based on a work permit / Business


This is the most common and popular way to obtain a residence permit. To do this, you need to be employed in someone else's (or your own) company in the BH. Obtaining a residence permit in this case consists of the following steps:


- Company registration (optional);

- Obtaining a work permit;

- Employment;

- Receiving an invitation letter;

- Obtaining a visa "D" (work visa);

- Submission of documents and obtaining a residence permit.


At each of the above stages, we will gladly help you, and we will take on all the difficult bureaucracy, leaving you with only the minimum need for action, and our constant support!


The cost of obtaining a residence permit of this type - is from 1.500 EURO, depending on the options for employment (or registration of your company), check the details by phone in the "Contacts" section!


The term for obtaining a residence permit is from 90 to 180 days.


Residence permit based on marriage or family ties, as well as ownership of a real estate


This type of residence permit is also quite common, nevertheless, to obtain it, a documented family relationship with a citizen/citizen of BiH is required, or a confirmed fact of ownership of the real estate in Bosnia.


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